Research shows that executive coaching is considered the most effective development tool for senior executives. The ultimate goal of coaching is to help people learn more about themselves and to change their behaviour.

We believe that coaching needs to be a three way agreement; between the individual, their manager and the organisation, as all objectives need to be in alignment for it to work successfully.

We work with individuals typically for a 6 month period; usually in a scheduled two hour meeting once a month, with unlimited telephone and email support in between sessions.

We use a variety of tried and tested techniques including Emotional Intelligence Questionnaires, Myers Briggs and Neuro Linguistic Programming tools to help ‘unlock’ the individual’s needs and lead to growth.

For us, coaching is not remedial – it is a necessary support to help embed the required behaviours and to accelerate development of the high performing executive. We have specific expertise in coaching senior women executives and coaching women returning from maternity leave to reintegrate them successfully into the workplace.